How To Make Absolutely Certain Your Adhesive Bond Is Strong Enough

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Glues, adhesives, and bonds all do the same thing; they help two surfaces stick together and stay together. Even though a bond lists that it can stick two types of surfaces together, it may not list weight or size restrictions. When you need an adhesive bond to do a specific job, and you cannot find the information you need, there are a few ways you can be sure that the bond material will do the job you need it to do.

Use a Bond Tester

A bond tester is a simple machine, like the xyztec bv, that allows you to load the components you have bonded together onto a hook or platform. Then the hook or platform is raised up high. If the bond stays and does not break, you can use it for your intended needs. If the components fall apart or break apart under their own weight, the bond is not strong enough, and you will need to find an alternative solution.

Drop the Bonded Items from Several Stories Up

Find a safe drop zone near your building where any items dropped from the roof will not hurt others or damage property. Make sure everyone else in the building knows you will be dropping things from the roof to test a bond's integrity under pressure. Then bond your items together, wait for the bond to dry, and drop them from above. As long as the bond is dry, you will get the results you expect; the bond will adhere and hold fast, or it will bust apart on impact.

Pull Tests

A final test of the strength of a bonding agent is the pull test. You may have already tried the drop/impact test and the weight-bearing/strength test previously mentioned, but a pull test incorporates different movements. Two opposing forces grab hold of the bonded elements and pull with all their might. This test may also be completed by machines. As the bonded elements are pulled, they are also twisted in opposite directions. If the elements pop apart, the bond fails. If the people or machines doing the testing do not come apart, the bonding agent will perform exactly as expected.

You Can Use These Tests with Thermal Bonding Agents Too

In production and manufacturing of electronic products, thermal bonds created by melting the agent onto a particular spot need to hold wires fast. Otherwise the wires will not conduct electricity or send information. You can use the above tests on thermal bonding agents as well, but you will need to work on a smaller scale.


14 September 2017

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